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fantasy cinematic music

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What listeners have to say

"Christopher's music is epic, uplifting and filled with wonderful music storytelling! I have his album "Legends From the Chronicler" and it is outstanding!"

"This person is certainly a genius, only a gifted person can create those epic tracks…"

“Beautifully orchestrated storytelling"



From the north east United States, Epic-Fantasy Cinematic Composer Christopher Caouette is reaching fans across the globe that describe his music as “Vangelis at his symphonic best” or that could come out of “Lord Of The Rings”.  

Christopher stands out in the Epic-Fantasy genre with his strong sense of  musical storytelling with Celtic, World, Electronic, and Classical influence and raises the bar for what Epic-Fantasy music really can become.

“Alandar”, fourth in the Dragonwind series and was named top five “Best Neo-Classical and Electronic Album of 2009” by Zone Music Reporter.

Christopher has produced several soundtracks for small indie games, film, and Irish dance productions before returning in 2017 to continue work on his music as fans have been excited to return for more adventure.

I think I have finally found the perfect soundtrack for Anne McCaffrey’s famous Dragonriders of Pern series
— New Age Retailer

Fantasy cinematic Music

Christopher enlists elements from Classical, Celtic, World, and even Baroque Counterpoint.

It is emotionally evocative; timbres, textures, rhythm, melodies and harmonies intertwine and conspire to air out the feelings of the listener.

The music is frequently playful, strongly rhythmic, sometimes touchingly sweet, and often sublimely powerful.