Epic-Fantasy Music

The instrumental music of Christopher Caouette begs some description, as it does not fit neatly into any one category.  His compositions are tonal pieces, lushly layered, often with multiple movements, and paint varied musical impressions.

The composer enlists elements from Classical, Celtic, World, and even Baroque Counterpoint.  It is emotionally evocative; timbres, textures, rhythm, melodies and harmonies intertwine and conspire to air out the feelings of the listener.

His compositions are frequently playful, strongly rhythmic, sometimes touchingly sweet, and often sublimely powerful.

Dragonwind Series Quad copy.jpg

Dragonwind Series

In the early 2000's began the music story of Dragons and the Fae.  This series of albums takes you through a fantasy world of Alandar where the Kuho dragons live.  A tale discovered in themes and melodies that echo throughout.

"I think I've finally found the perfect soundtrack for Anne McCaffrey's famous Dragonriders of Pern series. On "Ring of Dragons," lushly textured synthesizers paint evocative pictures of the power and beauty of these fantastic creatures. Christopher Caouette's compositions offer a wonderful variety of musical experiences. He includes elements of classical, Celtic, world beat, pop, and electronica into a powerfully energetic blend that's all his own. From soft, romantic ballads to full progressive electronic celebrations, this is music for riding dragons. Listen to this music on headphones and imagine soaring through the clouds on a moonlit night." 
-Steve Ryals New Age Retailer

Celtic Duo.jpg

Celtic Series

Christopher has composed two complete Celtic works that still retain his cinematic style, but are soundtracks from shows with the Golden Harp Irish Dance company.  

GRANIA is loosely based on the real pirate queen Grace O'Malley who lived c. 1530 – c. 1603.  This album follows her exploits through her rule in western Ireland and to her meeting with Queen Elizabeth I.

DREAM OF THE FOUR is about the seasons and once again the dragons that control them.  In this album the seasons are feuding and the people of the world barely survive.  It wasn't until the young  daughters met with the dragons and befriend them that life could return. 

Legends from the Chronicler.jpg

The Chronicler Series

A new Epic-Fantasy Cinematic series about the The Chronicler and the secrets he discovered.

The first album "Legends From The Chronicler" is about his adventures and secrets that were put into a magical tome that would emirate powerful music.  Once completed it was hidden away in a great tower, the location of which appears only on an ancient map yet despite this, no-one has been able to discover exactly where.  If only you could discover it for yourself!